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Careington Dental Plan -- Care 500 Series

LIBERTY AGENCY AND BROKERAGE, LLC is a BBB Accredited Dental Service Plan in Lubbock, TX
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  • More affordable dental care... with greater savings than our competitors.
  • More affordable dental plan rates... individual only $9.95/month.

The Careington "Care 500 Series" consists of Dental Plans "501" through "508." (Plan fee schedules vary by state according to regional cost-of-living and other factors.)

Compare Careington Dental Plan...
(Plan 501 for the States of Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia. Dental plan savings are representative for all states.)

A Comparison of Fees
- What You Pay as a Dental Plan Member -
for the Following Dental Services.
Sample Dental Procedures Usual1 Dental Fees Our Biggest Competitor's Schedule3 Careington Plan 501 Schedule3 Savings over Usual Dental Fees
Oral Exam $ 49 $ 21 $ 15 69%
Full Mouth
$ 110 $ 53 $ 43 61%
Cleaning $ 90 $ 43 $ 31 65%
Amalgam (filling, 1 surface) $ 135 $ 71 $ 43 68%
2Porcelain Crown fused Noble Metal $ 995 $ 572 $ 483 51%
2Complete Upper or Lower Denture $ 1625 $ 732 $643 59%
Orthodontia (Adult or Children) Varies ??? 20% off price Average savings of $800 +

1 Based upon the 2009 National Dental Advisory Service's ® 80th percentile.
2 Certain procedures such a crowns and dentures may incur additional lab fees.
3 Discounted Schedules are for General Dentists. The schedules outlined above were randomly selected from one selected area, but from a comparative standpoint will be similar in other areas. We believe that giving all the information is best for our dental plan clients.

Less Guesswork! With Careington, you have published discounts on about 100 of the most common dental procedures.

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Careington Dental Plan is now over 8,000,000 members strong for one simple reason. It Works!